Before Booking

We are looking forward to meeting you for your Ombre Shading appointment! However, prior to booking and paying a non-refundable deposit, it is important to note the following terms & conditions listed below. Payment of deposit confirms you agree to all listed:


Terms & Conditions:

  • A $50 deposit is required to book. Deposit is 100% non-refundable and will not be refunded under ANY circumstances.

  • Appointment rescheduling must be done 48 hours prior to service time. This allows enough time for another client to book that time slot. Last minute cancellations and no shows result in a lost deposit and a new deposit will be required to book.

  • Remainder of the balance is due on the day of the appointment PRIOR to the procedure (Please bring CASH only. Credit card transactions will be charged an extra fee.)

  • Please read service options (refer to “Services & Pricing” page) and fully understand service being provided.

  • Pictures / videos are required for insurance purposes. They may be also used for advertising and/or educational purposes.

  • Results vary due to various skin types, how the treated area is handled after the procedure, and general human anatomy ranging from person to person. This determines the level of color retention and the possibility of uneven pigmentation. A follow up appointment (referred to as a “Touch Up”) is highly recommended 4-6 weeks after initial procedure. This is booked and charged separately.

  • To avoid cross contamination, other possible risk, and disruption, extra people are not allowed.

  • Specific aftercare instructions are given and explained after the procedure.

  • All services are 100% non-refundable.

  • A confirmation email will be sent after booking.


Permanent cosmetic procedures cannot be performed if client:

  • Is under 18 years old (NO exceptions - even with a guardian present and written consent)

  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Has had previous permanent cosmetics done (pictures may be sent through email before booking and may be accepted based on artists’ analysis)

  • Has extremely oily skin

  • Bleeds very easily: Diabetic, Vegan with no iron supplements, any health conditions that cause excess bleeding or poor healing

  • Has Cancer, Heart conditions, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, HIV, Viral Infections or Diseases

  • Is prone to developing keloids

  • Is allergic to metals


Client must consider the following time sensitive conditions prior to the procedure and should avoid:

  • Alcohol consumption (48 hours before)

  • Blood Thinners - Ex. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E & B5, etc. (48 hours before)

  • Sun Tanning / Tanning Booth (3 days before)

  • Brow Waxing (3 days before)

  • Brow Tinting (2 weeks before)

  • Chemical Peel (3 weeks before)

  • Brow Lift (30 days before)

  • Face Lift (30 days before)

  • Eye / Eyelid Surgery (30 days before)

  • Use of skincare products containing Retin-A, Renova, Alpha Hydroxy, and Glycolic Acids (30 days before)

  • Acne Treatment - Topical Creams, etc. (30 days before)

  • Botox (2-3 months before)

  • Accutane (1 year before)

  • Blood donations to the National Blood Service (1 year after)


These are only time estimates that vary per individual and client should consider extra time just to be safe.

Do not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor.


For any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email using the contact form on the website.